P.E.O. Scholar Awards

The P.E.O. Scholar Awards are one-time, competitive, merit-based awards intended to recognize and encourage academic excellence and achievement by women in doctoral-level programs. These awards provide partial support for study and research.

Eligibility Requirements:
• Is a citizen or legal permanent resident of the U.S. or Canada at the time of her nomination
• At a minimum, has a bachelor’s degree
• Is within two years of her graduation date and has at least one full academic year of work remaining to complete her doctoral-level degree as measured from the time the first award payment is made (August 1). Those in a multiple-degree program (e.g.,pursuing both an
M.D. and a Ph.D.) must be with in two years of completing the entire program from that date.
• Is enrolled in her program at an accredited U.S. or Canadian college or university. Study abroad is permitted provided the student is enrolled in a U.S. or Canadian postsecondary institution.
• Is enrolled part time at the time of nomination, provided she is enrolled full time during the year of the award

Visit https://www.peointernational.org/peo-scholar-awards to apply. *This is a scholarship outside of UNC, UNC does not select students. Please refer all questions to contact information on website*

Up to $20,000