Alumni Class Reunion Scholarship

The Alumni Class Reunion Scholarship is awarded to enrolled students with relations to a UNC Alumnus. To qualify for this opportunity the applicant must be an enrolled student; have a cumulative GPA 0f 3.5+; demonstrate financial need; and is involved in the community and extracurricular activities.

Committee's discretion
Supplemental Questions
  1. Provide the name of the UNC Alumnus to which you are related to, your relation, and the date they graduated from UNC.
  2. Please answer the following questions: 1) On your scholarship application, if you stated that you are involved in campus activities or volunteer work, please name up to 3 of those activities and how they have contributed to your experience at UNC. If you work in lieu of being involved in campus/volunteer activities, please talk about that. 2)How will a scholarship impact your educational experience at UNC? 3) What unique circumstances make you the right person to receive this scholarship? 4) How do you plan to apply your UNC education to life after college?