*** Phelps Family Military Service CAP Scholarship

The Phelps Family Military Service CAP Scholarship is awarded to an upper division undergraduate student who is a part of the U.S. military. To qualify for this opportunity the applicant must be a full-time student who is a citizen of the United States or Permanent Resident or has DACA or ASSET status; be an honorably discharged Veteran from the U.S. military or active duty, guard or reserve service member currently serving (if Veteran recipient is not identified, recipient may be a non-scholarship or partial scholarship Cadet enrolled in the ROTC program where the Donors have a non-binding preference for an Army ROTC cadet ); have junior or senior academic standing or completed a minimum of sixty (60) transferable credits to the University when the CAP Scholarship is to be applied to the student’s account; demonstrate financial need as determined by the University; and not be a dependent of a UNC employee. Recipient must submit, before fall semester starts, a brief essay (about 500 words) that addresses: “To what extent do the values of Contribute, Achieve, and Pay-it-forward (acronym CAP) describe you?”; must complete a brief biography to be shared with the Donors or their representatives by the end of September of the fall semester when the CAP Scholarship is first applied to the recipient’s student account (it is the recipient’s option to include a photo with the summary); and, must submit and honor a written commitment to the University upon acceptance of a CAP Award or Scholarship to complete, prior to the recipient’s final semester, one of the following to enhance the student’s level of personal financial literacy: a) complete a personal finance course or program at the University such as the current Finance course, Introduction to Personal Financial Planning (BAFN 240), or a future personal finance course offered by the University b) complete a financial literacy program offered by the University with a core number of modules, lectures, videos, and applied activities that requires a minimum of twenty (20) hours to be completed, though more is recommended, over at least one semester, or c) if recipient is unable to register and complete a course or program at, or sponsored through, the University, recipient alternatively may complete an equivalent course or program from another accredited financial education provider to satisfy this requirement if approved by the University and the Foundation (transferable credits or grades toward graduation are not required). Recipients must provide proof of completion, from the program and course provider, to the University before their anticipated final semester and graduation.

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Supplemental Questions
  1. This scholarship requires the registration and successful completion of either BAFN 240 or the online CAP Financial Literacy Canvas course before your anticipated final semester and graduation. Are you willing to registered for and complete the financial literacy program course?
  2. In 500 words or less, explain to what extent do the values of "Contribute, Achieve, and Pay-it-forward" (acronym CAP) describe you? (*Contribute - by volunteering time and personal skills, talents, abilities, experience and passion around issues in service to the community. *Achieve - by displaying a bias toward action and performance (including academically), self-reliance, persevering, and overcoming obstacles to accomplishing goals. *Pay-it-forward - by impacting the lives of others in meaningful and positive ways to them through small or large, random or planned, acts of kindness, caring, and “giving back”.)